Purpose,Mandate and Objectives of FISA

Background & History

The Finance Students Association (FISA) is a professional association whose aim is to link its members to finance industry professionals and to complement students’ class room theory with important thinking and development trends in the financial market place. Originally, FISA was founded in 1993, with an intention of promoting the Finance Option at the Business School though its mandate has since broadened with time to reflect the demands that have been meted on it by industry and its members.

We are the largest (in membership) and one of the most active professional student organizations in the school of business, currently enjoying membership of 60% of student population.



“To be the premier finance professional association in Africa, offering world class opportunities to the members towards the exploration and exploitation of their academic and professional pursuits”.



“To develop ourselves into professionals with diverse skills and provide opportunities for self fulfilment”.


Our mantra is: “Broadening Horizons”. In line with this we endeavour to plan for a number of activities that will focus us on our mission and lead us to the attainment of our goals. Core Values Our core values that strongly bind us as an association are:

  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Partnership
  • Continuous Improvement



“Promoting finance as a career and improving the potential of its members as future professionals”. In line with this, we endeavour to:


  1. Promote academic excellence among our members by making available to them resources that would be useful to them for this purpose.
  2. Developing our members beyond classroom experience to be able not only to effectively grasp Finance but also to apply the theory and practical situations beneficial to communities.
  3. Provide opportunities to members for interactions between students and potential employers.
  4. Use the finance and business knowledge of our members to educate members of the public to whom such knowledge may be useful.
  5. Instill a sense of social responsibility and business ethics in our members.
  6. Consistently providing to our corporate partners, high quality graduates, who not only have a good command in finance concepts but also well-grounded in other extra-curricular activities.
  7. Educate the public on finance and its impact on their daily lives and how well they can use that knowledge to gain a competitive edge on their daily activities.