Essajee Abdulatif

Essajee is a known academician in the field of Accounting specializing in Financial accounting and reporting and has in the past served on both the Professional Standards Committee and the Disciplinary Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK). He majored in accounting in his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Nairobi.

He is a lecturer at the School of Business-University of Nairobi where he teaches and supervises both undergraduate and post-graduate students. He has previously also lectured at the United States International University-Africa where he headed the Accounting & Finance Department. Essajee is also a consultant and renowned trainer in the area of financial accounting and financial analysis and lectures extensively on Islamic Finance.

Essajee is a promoter and of Islamic banking in Kenya and co-founder of First Community Bank (the first fully fledged Sharia’h compliant bank to be approved in Kenya) and served as its Managing Director, during his leave of absence from the University of Nairobi, before resuming his duties early this year at the University of Nairobi. Prior to his appointment as Managing Director, he served the Bank, both as an Executive Director in charge of support and control and as a non- executive director. He is also a co-founding member of Vision Institute of Professionals (An accredited accountancy and ICT training institution) in Kenya and is Chairman to its Board

He also serves as the treasurer of Jamia Mosque, Nairobi (the largest mosque in East and Central Africa and is an ex-officio of the Council of Muslim scholars of Jamia Mosque Nairobi. Essajee is also the Chief Editor of Friday Bulletin (a  weekly newsletter of Jamia Mosque Committee), Patron of the Nairobi Area Muslim Students Association, Trustee of One Shilling Foundation and host of two weekly Radio Islamic programmes on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

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