FISA News and Events


  1. FISA Contact Talk: Devolution and Public Finance under the new Kenyan Constitution. (25th June 2013)
  1. FISA Investor Education: Investing at the Capital Markets – CMA. (19th July 2013)
  1. FISA CSR – A visit to the Nairobi Children’s Home (Kabete). (26th July 2013)
  1. FISA Career Fair: Careers in the field of Finance; Requirements, responsibilities and challenges. (20th August 2013)
  1. FISA FACE OF BUSINESS – Modeling and Creativity Appreciation event. (27th September 2013)



  1. FISA/ACCA Seminar – Innovation challenge and Investor Education. (10th October 2013)
  2. FISA Corporate Fair: Brand Visibility and Recruitment Drive. (14th – 15th November)
  3. FISA Annual Golf Tournament: Raising Funds for Charity. (22nd November 2013