Persons with disabilities services

The Office of the Dean of Students, is fully engaged in the task of helping transform the university environment into one in which gifted and deserving students with disability will have an equal opportunity to acquire an education and as much as possible participate in the various aspects of university life. This includes facilitating access to university buildings, providing services, awareness activities and advocating for accommodating university policies and procedures. The following support services are available;

  • Advocacy and /or advice on issues related to disability
  • Suitable accommodation for students with disability.
  • Provision of disability aids such as hearing aids,
  • Repair and maintenance of mobility, visual and auditory aids
  • Sign language training and interpreter services for the hearing impaired
  • Braille services and printed material in alternative formats for the visually impaired
  • Consultative and counselling support for students with disabilities
  • Transport within and outside of the University for students with physical disabilities.

Our mission is to provide an enabling environment for students with disabilities so that they can successfully complete their studies and become productive members of the society.

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