Mentorship Programs

Greenhorn Mentorship Program is a student organization founded in 2008 in University of Nairobi –Lower Kabete campus ( formely School of Business). It is designed to create future globally competitive leaders who span the public, private and the non- governmental sectors by pairing young dynamic minds with the best industry practitioners who have shown exemplary achievements in their respective career paths. Mentorship refers to the developmental relationship between a more experienced professional “mentor” and a less experienced partner referred to as a mentee—a person guided and protected by a more experienced person. We hope to develop leaders who think globally and act locally instilling sustainable positive change to drive vision and create value in organizations they join. We aim to serve as the industry link through which university students can learn about what the industry is looking for from young upcoming professionals and the best known corporate disciplines passed on to them. We will be the link that will attract the best brainpower of both worlds. Through pairing hard work and determination to direction, we aspire to create leaders who are charismatic about what they do and inspire transformational change among their peers. We shall strive to create a social lifestyle that our members can subscribe to.

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