This is a premier Finance and Accounting degree programme with a broad management context that combines theoretical and practical knowledge that is appealing to a wide range of employers and those who want to venture into entrepreneurship. The significance of ethics, good corporate governance and international business issues are emphasized throughout the curriculum, along with core competencies in technology and communication. The programme utilizes specific finance and accounting problem-solving software to provide students with practical knowledge in the finance and accounting field. The programme also addresses the goals of professional values, communication and leadership skills, strategic and critical thinking skills, and technology skills of the professional accounting environment and provides additional coverage on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).  Furthermore, the degree programme will equip students with a set of transferable and practical skills like econometrics and forecasting, and financial modeling to enable students to excel in their chosen area of specialization.  The way this course is conducted will enable students to develop self-confidence, negotiation skills, team working and building skills, time management and leadership skills.

The programme is organized into two parts, Part I consisting of Year/Level I and Year/Level II; and Part II consisting of Year/Level III and Year/Level IV. To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting degree, a candidate must successfully complete a minimum of 48 course units.

The course units are divided into common and core course units that are organized as follows:

Year/Level Semester Common  Core Total
I I 2 4 6
  II   6 6
II I   6 6
  II   6 6
III I   6 6
  II   6 6
IV I   6 6
  II   6 6
TOTAL   2 46 48


  • Holder of KCSE certificate with a minimum mean grade of C+ plus a minimum of C in both Mathematics and English/Kiswahili;
  • Holder of KCSE certificate with a minimum mean grade of C+ plus a minimum of B in bridging course offered in the University of Nairobi with at least a C- in the subject at KCSE.
  • Holder of KCSE certificate with a minimum mean grade of C or O-level Division III plus a diploma from a recognized institution.
  • Holder of KCSE certificate with a minimum mean grade of C or O-level Division III plus CPA/CPS Part II or equivalent professional qualification.
  • Holder of KCSE with a minimum mean grade of C- plus a Certificate and Diploma from a recognized institution
  • Holder of KACE certificate with a minimum of two principal passes plus a minimum of a credit pass in Mathematics at KCE.
  • Holder of KACE certificate with a minimum of two subsidiary passes plus a Diploma from a recognized institution.
  • Holder of a degree from a recognized university.
  • Holder of qualifications deemed to be equivalent to any of the above


A student who wishes to be exempted from any course unit shall follow the guidelines set out below:

He/she shall send a formal application for exemption to the Academic Registrar by completing Senate approved form for exemption, justifying his request and attaching evidence of the credentials, which would support such a request.

He/she may be required to submit to an exemption examination set and administered by the School of Business.

The School of Business may, for exceptional reasons of academic merit, recommend to Senate the exemption of an applicant from a course unit without being subjected to an exemption examination.

The candidate must have attained a grade interpreted by the School of Business as a passing grade in the course units for which exemption is applied.

Exemptions shall be allowed only up to a maximum of 1/3 of the total prescribed course units for the award of the Bachelor of Science in accounting degree.

Exemptions shall only be applicable in Part I of the programme.


A student may transfer credits for equivalent course units taken from a recognized University subject to the following guidelines:

  1. The student shall complete the Senate approved credit transfer application form and   attach supporting documents.
  2. The course unit taken by the student must meet the required minimum contact hours.
  3. The student must have attained a minimum grade C or equivalent.
  4. The transferred credits shall not be more than 1/3 of the total prescribed course units for the                       award of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree.
  5. Credit transfers shall only be applicable in Part I of the programme.

The bachelor of science and accounting degree offers students an opportunity to pursue careers in a number of fields which include; Financial planning and analysis, wealth and portfolio management , sales and securities trading as well as careers in investment banks.


Bachelor of Science -FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING D35
Bachelor of Science-D35min. units=46    
TUITION                   18,000.00  
MEDICAL FEE (PER YEAR)                     6,500.00  
ICT SERVICES - (PER YEAR)                     7,000.00  
CAUTION - (ONCE)                     5,000.00  
ACTIVITY-( PER YEAR)                     2,000.00  
REGISTRATION (PER SEMESTER@2250)                     2,250.00  
STUDENT ORGANISATION(PER YEAR)                     1,000.00  
EXAMINATION (PER UNIT @1000)                     1,000.00  
ID CARD ( PER YEAR)                     1,000.00  
LIBRARY (PER YEAR)                     4,000.00  
     Semester totals 
Sem1  2 units                      66,750.00
   3 units                      85,750.00
   4 units                   104,750.00
   5 units                   123,750.00
   6 units                   142,750.00
     Semester totals 
Sem2,3,5,6,8,9,11,12,14,15,17,18  2 units                      40,250.00
   3 units                      59,250.00
   4 units                      78,250.00
   5 units                      97,250.00
   6 units                   116,250.00
     Semester totals 
Sem4,7,10,13,16,19  2 units                      61,750.00
   3 units                      80,750.00
   4 units                      99,750.00
   5 units                   118,750.00
   6 units                   137,750.00
Bachelor of Science -FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING    
SEMESTER 1  6 UNITS                   142,750.00
SEMESTER 2  6 UNITS                   116,250.00
SEMESTER 3  6 UNITS                   116,250.00
SEMESTER 4  6 UNITS                   137,750.00
SEMESTER 5  6 UNITS                   116,250.00
SEMESTER 6  6 UNITS                   116,250.00
SEMESTER 7  6 UNITS                   137,750.00
SEMESTER 8  3 UNITS&MRP                      78,250.00
Grand totals         961,500.00

      Account Name: UON CESSP Collections

      Account No: 2032771362

      Bank:   Absa Bank

      Branch:  Absa Plaza