Course structure and Duration

The Master of Science in Finance is structured into Part I and II


The part I of the programme consists of twelve (12) taught course units. The taught course units include Core course units, course units in the area of specialization and an elective unit.



The second part of the program entails student undertaking a supervised research in the area of specialization.



Course Duration

The minimum duration for the programme shall be three (3) semesters, while the maximum duration shall be ten (10) semesters, and will involve coursework, examinations and the research project.  


Course Structure

A candidate shall be allowed to take a maximum of six (6) course units and a minimum of two (2) course units per semester. Each course unit shall be taught for forty five (45) contact hours.


There will be eight (8) core course units which shall be taken by all candidates. In addition to the core course units, candidates will be required to take three (3) specialization  course units in a chosen thematic area, and one (1) elective course unit. Specialization course units allow a student to concentrate in their chosen thematic area, while elective course units provide options for additional knowledge in other areas of interest, not necessarily in their chosen thematic area.


Elective course units may be chosen from the list of elective course units in any area of study, or from specialization course units from a different thematic area, that would now count as electives.


On completion of Part I, candidates shall undertake a Project in any area relating or relevant to Finance, Accounting, Banking and insurance under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by the post graduate studies committee of the School.  It involves the development of a research proposal that must be approved by a panel appointed by the School, conduct of the study, and writing up the project report for examination.